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How I got the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS Certification
Diana (Nikxy) Melnychuk
Diana (Nikxy) Melnychuk
DevOps & Full-Stack Developer
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Hello y’all!
I’m really interested in working as a DevOps Engineer, and for the last year I have been learning all the ins and outs of this role.
While I have experience with software development and working with servers, I have never worked with cloud services.
So a few months ago I decided to pursue the AWS DevOps Professional Certificate. As I had almost zero experience with AWS I went first with the Cloud Practitioner certification.

Cloud Practitioner to Developer with optional SysOps Administrator and DevOps Engineer deep dive
My planned certification path

Resources #

I used only free resources starting with AWS’s Skill Builder courses:

After finishing the courses I did a few practice exams I found with free coupons for Udemy on r/udemyfreebies, after each exam I went through the wrong answers and researched what was the right answer and why.

After some practice exams when I got a consistent passing score and felt confident enough, I scheduled an online exam.

Conclusion #

The exam was pretty easy and I recommend it for anyone working with AWS to learn the basics and services AWS has to offer.
It took me about two weeks of on-off evenings learning while having a full time job.